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This page contains some information on how one might teach a course such as ours on Ethics in Mathematics to mathematicians. For a more detailed discussion on the imporance of teaching of ethics to mathematicians and how it might be done, please see our discussion paper titled The role of ethics in a mathematical education.


Click here for a description and recordings of the 8 lecture course “Ethics for the Working Mathematician” given by Maurice Chiodo in Cambridge in Autumn 2018.

Mathematical exercises

To supplement these lectures, we also prepared some mathematical exercises for students which not only test mathematical content but also have an ethical dimension for discussion. These questions were originally developed for mathematical Examples Sheets in Cambridge, with the intention being that the ethical dimension would form a talking point in supervisions. Please email us if you would like full worked solutions and the LaTeX source for these questions/solutions. These are designed to normalise ethical considerations for mathematics students; attending a course on Ethics in Mathematics is incredibly useful, but it helps for students to see such principles and issues “in action”.

External talks

Click here for a list and recordings of talks given elsewhere by members of the CUEIMP.

EiM comics

Click here for some short comics about Ethics in Mathematics.

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