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Here you can find a listing of all the publications we know of relevant to EiM.

EiM Discussion Paper Series

The EiM Discussion Paper Series is our own publication series, set up, run, and edited by members of CUEiMP. You can access all the papers here.

External CUEiMP publications on EiM

Here is a reverse-chronological list of EiM publications written by, or with contributions by, members of CUEiMP that have appeared externally (in newsletters, journals, etc).

Situating “Ethics in Mathematics” as a Philosophy of Mathematics Ethics Education, D. Müller, arXiv preprint, February 2022.

A Hippocratic Oath for mathematicians? Mapping the landscape of ethics in mathematics, D. Müller, M. Chiodo, James Franklin, arXiv preprint, December 2021.

Questions of Responsibility: Modelling in the Age of COVID-19, M. Chiodo, D. Müller, SIAM News 53, No. 7, p.6-7, September 2020.

Unlocking Higher Education Spaces - What Might Mathematics Tell Us?, Study group working paper (with M. Chiodo as a contributor), Turing Gateway to Mathematics, July 2020.

Ethics in Mathematics - why is it so hard?, M. Chiodo, MAA Values Blog Post, February 2020.

Teaching Ethics in Mathematics, M. Chiodo, P. Bursill-Hall, LMS Newsletter 485, 22-26, November 2019. Republished here in the EMS Newsletter 114, 38-41, December 2019.

The Importance of Ethics in Mathematics, M. Chiodo, T. Clifton, LMS Newsletter 484, 22-26, September 2019. Republished here in the EMS Newsletter 114, 34-37, December 2019.

Mathematicians and Ethical Engagement, M. Chiodo, D. Müller, SIAM News 51, No. 9, p.6, November 2018.

Other publications on EiM

Here is a reverse-chronological list of articles relating to EiM written by others. This list is still under construction, and if you would like to suggest relevant additions then please email us.

The Critical Study of Ethics in Mathematics Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, M. Pearson, MAA Values Blog Post, October/November/December 2019.

CAT(0) geometry, robots, and society, F. Ardila, arXiv:1912.10007v1 preprint (2019).

Ethics, Big Data, and the Mathematics Community, C. Eaton, MAA Values Blog Post, May 2019.

Ethics in Mathematics, C. Buell and V. Piercey, MAA FOCUS Magazine, 15-17, February-March 2019.

Weapons of Math Destruction, C. O’Neill, Penguin (2016). 272 pages.

The Moral Character of Cryptographic Work, P. Rogoway, 2015.

Maths spying: The quandary of working for the spooks, T. Leinster, New Scientist Magazine 2966, April 2014.

A “Professional Issues and Ethics in Mathematics” course, J. Franklin, AustMS Gazette 32, No. 2, 98-100 (2005).

Math Matters: The Profession of Mathematics, C. Praeger, AustMS Gazette 31 No. 4, 217-221 (2004).

Is There Enough Poison Gas to Kill the City?: The Teaching of Ethics in Mathematics Classes, B. Shulman, College Math. J. 33, 118-125 (2002).

Mathematics and ethics, R. Hersch, The Mathematical Intelligencer 12 No. 3, 12-15, June 1990. (Alternate link available here).

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